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My Eeveelution Team ((Black 2)) by TheLookAlike My Eeveelution Team ((Black 2)) :iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 0 0
Short poem: I love you
'I love you' can be said so many different ways. Yet they can all be the same at the same time.
English: I love you.
Swedish: Jag älskar dig
Korean: 나도 당신을 사랑
Hungarian: Szeretlek
Japanese: 私はあなたを愛して
Chinese: 我爱你
Welsh: Rwyf wrth fy modd i chi
Dutch: Ik hou van je
They all mean the same thing; "I love you, and will protect you forever."
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 2 4
Beautiful Encounter (PROLOUGE)
Pokemon and Mobians have always lived together in harmony. Not even the most evil of hearts could destroy sacred bonds we share.  We have always loved each other and looked out for each other. Sadly, throughout the years, there have been people with evil hearts trying to break that bond. Me and my friends learned that, 10 years ago.
My name is Angel the Dog. Me and my Vaporeon had fought against Amor and his Mewtwo when they had tried to break the bonds of Pokemon and their trainers. With a little help from the legendary Pokemon, Mew, and encouragement from my friends, Jonny, Brinx, Zonic, Paradox, Rocky, and Rai, we won against the struggle.
Me and my friends had gone separate ways, and never saw each other again. I still remember all their faces like it was yesterday.
Brinx, one of my best friends, was always so competitive with her Herdier. Her fierce courage help beat most enemies along the way. She had left to study Pokemon. She hoped to meet her legendary bond partner, Articuno.
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 1 7
Words Of Fate PROLOGUE
The old Mobian put the book down. This had saved his life, and he needed to save it's. the legend needed to go on. But how?
The book contained words that meant "Life", "Death", "Darkness", "Heal", "Protect and "Love". These words could be yelled out as spells, then something would happen.
If the book fell into the wrong hands, it could cause the end of Mobius. the old Mobian had taken good care of it, beating villain after villain trying to defend his book.
He would die soon, and he knew that.
As his last steps passed, he looked for a place to put the book. A nice forest would be nice. It would dense enough, nobody would think of looking there.
He grabbed his trusty little shovel he kept on his belt, and dug. He dug long and hard until the book was safely underground. He then put cement on it.
The old Mobian smiled. his work was done.
Little did he know, that cement spot would become a house.
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 0 0
Poem: Side By Side
Side by side, we'll fight for our lives.
We're targeted for our love.
We're targeted for what we believe.
Targeted for a life we NEVER asked for!
My only hope is the light you illuminate in this dark room.
How long will we hide?
How long will we be like this?
Side by side - we'll fight for as long as we need to.
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 0 2
Poem: Love
You were so deeply in love, gallantly staring into his eyes.
What happened?
Why did you leave?
He broke your heart?
Didn't I tell you to not cry to me?
You made fun of me for not having love, with him by your side.
You always laughed at me when I got rejected from the dance, his hand in yours.
I always told you to never come crying to me.
Because I know love hurts.
It always does.
It always will.
Don't worry about me, I can't get my heart broken.
It was never whole to begin with.
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 1 2
Poem: Forever Waiting
In the nightlight, do you still feel your pain?
Your hero, you waited for, never came!
Would you change the past if you could?
To a time when you never waited?
Why do you still wait?
Is it because it hurts to turn around?
Or because it hurts to move on?
Look around you, and then you may realize..
to live in fantasy, is to live in misery!
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 0 0
Short Poem: Troubles and Pain
Are your troubles all what they seem?
Most nightmares are made from fears, some what may happen in the future.
Nightmares are misunderstood, they make the dawn so much more exciting.
Troubles are not always troubles.
Most of them are just things you don't want to happen.
Lie awake in your bed, and shudder with fear.
Because even with your courage, lifeless is all you'll ever be!
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 1 0
Poem: Why Not Both ?
In front of me stood two clouds, one light and one dark.
The dark was dark red, blood red.
The light was pure white, like snow.
Of course, reasonable people would choose light side, those of angels.
Dark souls chose the dark way.
I looked at one to the other.
"Choose one, and you shall spend your afterlife there," the Godly voice spoke.
I couldn't choose. Before I died, I had killed many others. But I grew up an angel.
I've done an equal, I got to choose.
My teeth suddenly turned into fangs, my voice getting demonic. I started to grin, an evil, sly grin.
But angel wings sprouted from back. They were so white and fluffy. A bright halo appearing over my head.
I said in a low, demonic voice "Why can't I be both?" I smiled.
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 0 0
Unbreakable Bond Trainer stats
Trainer: Angel
Status: Adept
Pokemon: Vaporeon
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Moves: Surf, Acid Armor, Hydro Pump, Attract
Ability: Water Absorb
Bond strength: 61% out of 100%
Pokemon: Mew
Type: Psychic
Gender: N/A
Moves: Psychic, Protect, Shadow Ball, Teleport
Ability: Synchronize
Bond Strength: 60% out of 60%
Trainer: Brinx
Status: Beginner
Pokemon: Herdier
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Tackle, Take Down
Ability: Intimidate
Bond Strength: 42% out of 100%
Pokemon: Articuno
Type: Ice/Flying
Gender: N/A
Moves: Ice Beam, Wing Attack, Sheer Cold, Drill Peck
Bond Strength: 60% out of 60%
Trainer: Paradox
Status: Beginner
Pokemon: Pikachu
Type: Electric
Gender: Male
Moves: Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle, Headbutt, Thundershock
Ability: Static
Bond Strength: 48% out of 100%
Pokemon: Ho-Oh
Type: Psychic/flying
Gender: Unknown
Moves: Wing Attack, Psychic, Flamethrower, Fire Blast
Ability: Regenerator
Bond Strength: 60% out of 60%
Trainer: Jonny
Status: Adept
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 0 4
Poem: Song of the Wolf
Through the frigid forest,
The leaf trees are bare.
Frost hangs off the lifeless branches,
And some even on the ground.
There is one sound that echos through the night,
Which is the call of the wild.
The howl's go from pitch to pitch,
Calling it's sisters and brothers around.
Once this song is heard,
You won't hear another sound.
This howl of hope,
Howl of change,
The call of the wild,
The song of the wolf.
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 2 4
Poem: Fiery Phoenix
Arisen from the flames of time,
The ancient flames live on the centuries.
It flaps it's wings with almight grace,
And thus creating a trail of disaster.
As long as that one flame breathes,
This fiery bird will remain untouched.
One might go and try to douse the flames,
Yet they'll only be burned by their own mistakes.
The fiery Phoenix,
The almighty bird,
The trails of disaster turn into a road of changes.
:iconthelookalike:TheLookAlike 1 4

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